Tendering and need help?

Engage the expert architects of Data Constellation to help plan for success in your next software project. We are experienced software industry veterans and world leaders in the analytical discipline of Fact Based Modeling, which ensures that everyone will know exactly what you're asking for, so you'll get the software you need. Read More »

Need to communicate accurately?

Let us teach you how to describe your business problem using your own words, but with the mathematical accuracy and automated cross-checking that only come from Fact Based Modeling. It's time to take control of complexity by allowing all your experts to collaborate in defining your requirements. Read More »

Constellation Query Language

Our approach to systems architecture is built on the recognised scientific breakthroughs of the Constellation Query Language, CQL. You can freely install the open source implementation and start using it today. Liberate your software staff to communicate and think freely, while getting the most from their existing tools and skills. Read More »


APRIMO is our collaborative web-based environment for design and requirements analysis. This SaaS product is still in private testing, but you can register your interest today. Read More »