About Data Constellation

Data Constellation is a specialist provider of expertise in information systems design using fact-oriented modeling.

Founded by Clifford Heath in 2006, it draws on his extensive industry background spanning three decades and four continents, as well as on his network of similarly experienced IT professionals.

About Clifford

Clifford Heath is a software innovator, toolmaker, product architect and designer with an enviable record (several worldwide patents) and who has co-founded companies which have produced several successful enterprise software products that are sold internationally.

Clifford is experienced in leading teams designing and progressively developing and maintaining enterprise-scale software products across many years and many release cycles, managing both technical and business risk in rapidly-changing markets.

His technical interests are subjugated to the purpose of building truly effective organisations, for which he is innovating new approaches to accurate communication and collaboration. Career Highlights »

Other Associates

Various other people work with Data Constellation as associates. Some of them are introduced here.

Mark Ratjens

Mark Ratjens has over 30 years' experience in developing software, applying the best technologies of the day for start-ups, small businesses, large corporations and government agencies. He was one of the first in Australia to embrace object-oriented design and trained hundreds of developers, business analysts and managers to exploit new technologies and processes. He possesses deep knowledge of his craft that goes beyond dogmatic adherence to approaches for their own sake, and brings a fresh pragmatism to every project and organisation he collaborates with. In the IT arena, he has applied his understanding of adult education and change management in a number of large-scale consulting, mentoring and training programs implemented in large Australian corporations and government departments.

Graeme Port

Graeme is a senior technology and business enterprise software leader specialising in enterprise-scale software and systems deployment. He led a development team that created three major international products over a 12 year period from inception to maturity. Graeme managed implementation of Australian Bureau of Meteorology supercomputer and multiple enterprise IT Asset Management systems. Company co-founder, director and successful sales manager.