Training in Fact Based Modeling

Fact Based Modeling (also known as fact modeling) is a formal process for discovering, clarifying and encoding the meanings (semantics) of a knowledge domain. The approach makes extensive use of natural verbalisations, both to discover and to clearly communicate the details. In the process it becomes possible precisely to describe any factual situation, to ask or answer any factual question, and to elaborate detailed rules about possible or allowable situations. The fact-based approach transforms natural verbalisations into the graphical language of Object Role Modeling (ORM2) and alternatively into the Constellation Query Language (CQL), a controlled natural language, to allow interpretation by a wide audience having very little training.

The software tools used also bring a high degree of automation to the design of databases (both relational and NoSQL) and messaging systems, and also to the analysis, specification, design and testing of computer software to operate them. In this respect it is superior to previous modeling languages, including Entity-Relational Modeling, the Unified Modeling Language, and Semantic Web approaches.

Whether you want to define the content of an expert knowledge domain, design databases, build or specify software, or just publish glossaries and concept maps, this course will give you a new thinking cap, helping you communicate clearly about any subject.

Introduction to Fact Based Modeling

A 90 minute presentation on Fact Based Modeling and the Constellation Query Language will help you assess what benefits your organisation might gain from applying the technique. Whether you need to improve your software procurement and development processes, or just encode and communicate expert knowledge that your colleagues already have, this presentation clearly sets out the reasons why traditional approaches fail, and how a fact-oriented or semantic approach can fix those problems. Call now to book a presentation.

Fact Based Model Interpretation for Domain Experts

Data Constellation provides a one-day course in Fact Based Modeling for business domain experts. One day will not make you an expert modeler, but you will be able to correctly interpret (and so assist your modelers to define) fact models that capture your deep understanding of your field. You do not need to bring a computer; any models you create during exercises can be hand-drawn on paper. Your new skills will enable you to start cutting your project costs immediately by:

  • Reducing miscommunication and ambiguity
  • Clarifying project specifications
  • Clearly excluding out-of-scope or unintended items
  • Reducing rework due to incorrect deliverables, processing or understanding.

Fact Based Modeling in Depth

A longer course for those who wish to master the skills of semantic modeling. Whether you're a business requirements analyst, solution architect, database designer or a domain expert, you will use your own computer to install and get started using NORMA and the Constellation Query Language. You do not need any background in knowledge engineering to gain the skills necessary to:

  • Use verbalisation and fact-based analysis to accurately understand any subject material
  • Use the ORM diagramming tool and CQL to capture and validate the concepts
  • Specify the detailed business rules and constraints of a knowledge domain
  • Communicate at a deep conceptual level with those less expert in the field
  • Produce and present design documentation that business users can understand
  • Design an efficient and comprehensible database schema for the subject
  • Recognise and improve incorrect or inadequate schema designs.
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