Tendering and requirements refinement

After you've identified a business problem you want to solve, you might be tempted to think that an IT supplier should be able to understand your needs without having things spelled out. If you find a unicorn like that, you should open a circus! Otherwise...

Engage our experts to help you to gain a new understanding of all the subtleties of how your business actually operates, and to express these details in the right kind of language. That way any IT supplier will be able to understand exactly what they must do to make you deliriously happy - and to know that you'll understand where their costs lie before you sign any cheques!

By including a fact-based model into your requirements specification or tender, both you and your supplier will know exactly what you need, leaving little room for prevarication.

Information Systems Design

Our models translate into agile and effective database schemas, complete with detailed and understandable documentation, example data, test cases, and effective data access API code. You never lose track of the reasons why a feature is present, or how it's meant to be used, which radically accelerates the software development process. The generated schemas work effectively with whatever existing development tools you're using, so you're not locked in to proprietry workflow or tooling.

If you have an internal development team, we'll work with them until they understand how to get the benefits of our approach, without losing the benefits of their existing skills.

Web development using Ruby on Rails

The wunderkind of web technology, Ruby on Rails, has been delivering stylish web applications in record time since its inception in 2006. Either through affiliates or drawing on our staff who are among the early adopters of Rails (with a long history of expertise in the Ruby programming language) Data Constellation is well-placed to help you achieve better results than you thought possible. Our tools have some great integration with the Rails stack, for extra benefits.

Database performance analysis and optimisation

With specialists in Microsoft SQL Server, Data Constellation has produced large-scale database solutions that must perform efficiently 24x7, in critical high-throughput enterprise environments deployed around the world.

Database performance optimisation requires a deep knowledge of the internal operations and functions of both the software and hardware, and our experience goes back more than 30 years, to the very birth of the relational database system. You can benefit from that expertise today!